Older @Voice Change Log:

For the most recent changes click here. Below is "overflow" log of old changes.

Ver. 27.9.5, Oct. 15, 2023

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 27.9.2, Oct. 2, 2023

* Fix incorrect sentence splitting in ebooks, where an abbreviation with embedded space was met.

Ver. 27.9.1, Oct. 1, 2023

* Fix: providing your own ding.wav file in .config directory, to sound between articles on the reading list, crashed the app.

Ver. 27.9.0, Sept. 28, 2023

* Added {{@#q}} annotation to silence (quiet) arbitrary text passages, see more at https://hyperionics.com/atVoice/VoiceChanges.html. It could be used to skip reading aloud e.g. long tables, code fragments etc. Note that voice changes annotations work only when you have @Voice premium license.

Ver. 27.8.5, Sept. 21, 2023

* Declared the banner ad at the bottom of @Voice screen as "not important for accessibility". Thus it will be ignored when navigating controls under TalkBack, making such navigation easier for visually impaired users.

Ver. 27.8.4, Sept. 19, 2023

* Fix: the reading list screen was not showing selection check-boxes, when search filter was active
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 27.8.1, Sept. 10, 2023

* Improvements and fixes in the Paste Links function.

Ver. 27.8.0, Sept. 5, 2023

* On the Reading List - Paste Links screen, added option to wait XX seconds between downloading files, for the sites that limit the download rate.

Ver. 27.7.1, Aug. 27, 2023

* Updated to support @Voice Auto Plugin 

Ver. 27.6.6, Aug. 8, 2023

* Small change to load faster certain HTML files saved to @Voice reading list.

Ver. 27.6.5, July 23, 2023

* Microsoft Azure online voices, which are multilingual (e.g. en-US-RyanMultilingualNeural or en-US-JennyMultilingualNeural) can now be selected for reading aloud texts in other languages, which these voices handle.
* Fix opening some FB2 ebooks.

Ver. 27.6.3, July 13, 2023

* Stability and usability fixes

Ver. 27.6.0, June 8, 2023

* Set custom increment for the speech rate slider, instead of default 0.05. Long press the round button at right of the Rate slider to change it.
* For the sleep timer, you may now type the value in minutes or hours (including decimal dot if needed, e.g. 2.5 min.). The old quick selection values are also available.

Ver. 27.5.13, June 1, 2023

* Stability and usability fixes

Ver. 27.5.10, May 30, 2023

* Fix issue with sorting some file lists by file name.
* Fix - sometimes was repeating a sentence in ebooks.

Ver. 27.5.7, May 25, 2023

* Fix - some ebooks read only headings, not text.
* Fix select all/none on the file selector.

Ver. 27.5.5, May 22, 2023

* Better handle voice change annotations in EPUBs.
* Fix incorrect bookmarks sort after adding a new bookmark.
* Fix: setting bookmarks with headset button did not work for PDF files extracted to HTML format.
* Fix: sometimes stops reading 1 minute after notification sound.

Ver. 27.5.0, May 9, 2023

* Added "List to EPUB" function on the reading list menu. Converts only HTML files found on the reding list, ignores all others

Ver. 27.4.12, May 3, 2023

* Voice change annotations within HTML or EPUB files may be hidden inside comments <!--{{@...}}-->, to make the text display correctly in other book readers and still change voices when reading aloud with @Voice app.
* Fix Amazon Polly cloud TTS access.

Ver. 27.4.10, May 2, 2023

* Fix - the serial download to the reading list with "follow next links" option, was not working if the "Follow Next links..." option was also turned on under the Settings menu - Share icons, text and reading lists.

Ver. 27.4.5, Apr. 25, 2023

* Improved handling for following "next page" link for downloading serial articles, e.g. web novel chapters
* Added Vietnamese translation - thank you, Quảng!

Ver. 27.4.2, Apr. 13, 2023

* On the Reading List - Paste links menu, added option "Download a series of articles following the NEXT links in them". Just paste the link to the first article or novel chapter, and it sill download them to the end or until you manually cancel.

Ver. 27.3.8, March 29, 2023

* Enabled network timeout user setting also when Google TTS network voice is selected.
* Option to show either aftricle titles, or file names on the reading list - set under menu - Edit list (or pencil icon, if visible)
* Fix to avoid downloading duplicates in reading list "Paste links" function

Ver. 27.3.5, March 26, 2023

* Articles and documents added to the reading list have now better, more complete titles. The file name and path are available in Details view.
* For PDF pages scanned from paper at an angle (skewed), @Voice straigthem the image before performing OCR for better text quality
* Reading list - Paste links - read links from a webpage, sometimes the titles of articles were encoded (quoted printable) - now the app decodes them to show the correct titles on the reading list.
* Stability and usability fixes

Ver. 27.2.6, March 12, 2023

* Added the markdown (.md) format to supported files. The app will read it as plain text, including all markup characters, so it may requires defining some speech replacements.
* Stability and usability fixes, including translations.

Ver. 27.2.5, March 8, 2023

* Stability and usability fixes, including translations.

Ver. 27.2.4, March 4, 2023

* Added ability to set audio sampling rate (16000, 24000, 48000) to the cloud TTS voices that support such settings (Azure and Google Cloud voices)

* Stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.2.3, Feb. 21, 2023

* Text search function under the "Edit text" screen now offers case sensitive and insensitive search, whole words only option and RegEx.
* The article info panel, shown when you swipe down from the top toolbar of @Voice icons, lets you now edit the "Original URL" field, and upon pressing Enter or the "go" button, the app loads a new article from the address you entered.
* On the "Page Look" screen (T+/- icon on top) - FONT tab - the "Font" selection box now offers all the fonts found in the Android system font folder. Depending on your phone make and model, you may now find there more fonts than before.
* Also available an option to load fonts from files (TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2)
* Added timeout option to cloud voices configuration - set a longer timeout than the default 15 seconds, when connection breaks too often.
* Fix: text filters were not applied.

Ver. 27.1.9, Feb. 4, 2023

* Improve sizing and layout of images, to fit the screen or column size and center them horizontally.
* Stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.1.6, Jan. 29, 2023

* Auto-detects Cloudflare security messages and loads with JavaScript enabled
* Stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.16, Jan. 10, 2023

* Automatically resume reading aloud, if interrupted by a screen reader (TalkBack) saying e.g. "Screen off" with the same TTS voice as @Voice app is using.
* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.12, Dec. 19, 2022

* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.9, Dec. 12, 2022

* Fix editing styles of ebook chapters.
* Fix PDF OCR operation run in background, was not loading text.
* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.2, Dec. 5, 2022

* Fix: editing text from HTML/EPUB files with text extracted from PDFs.
* EBooks reading list is now available on the menu and can be sorted the way user pefers.
* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.1, Dec. 4, 2022

* Fix: editing text from an empty screen (no text loaded) would not save the edits.
* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 27.0.0, Dec. 1, 2022

* New improved text editor - full screen editing of visible text or HTML source code.
* Important stability and usability fixes.

Ver. 26.10.20, Nov. 23, 2022

* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.10.19, Nov. 20, 2022

* Fix for "Paste links" function, when downloading a long list and Skip or Cancel was pressed, in some cases was hanging indefinitely on the aborted article download.

Ver. 26.10.18, Nov. 14, 2022

* Added new sort option to Reading List screen: "Unsorted or manual". Each list now remembers its own sort order, and if it's anything else than "unsorted", and you drag/drop items to change the order on the list manually, the sort option for this list is automatically set to "Unsorted or manual".

Ver. 26.10.17, Nov. 12, 2022

* Added intents for controlling @Voice from other apps, e.g. Tasker, use package name "com.hyperionics.avar"
- "com.hyperionics.avar.IS_SPEAKING" replies with boolean extra "IS_SPEAKING"
- "com.hyperionics.avar.SPEECH_START" may be sent to @Voice to start speech. Also @Voice sends this as a broadcast intent when speech started.
- "com.hyperionics.avar.SPEECH_STOP" may be sent to @Voice to stop speech. Also @Voice sends this as a broadcast intent when speech stopped.
- "com.hyperionics.avar.SPEECH_TOGGLE" may be sent to @Voice to toggle speech.

Ver. 26.10.13, Nov. 7, 2022

* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.10.9, Oct. 30, 2022

* Removed completely Roman number processing. It's impossible to make it work right, know what is a Roman number, what is an abbreviation or just a normal word.

Ver. 26.10.7, Oct. 29, 2022

* Added Roman numbers processing 
* Stability and usability improvements

 Ver. 26.9.9, Oct. 26, 2022

* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.9.5, Oct. 21, 2022

* Restored forward/reverse buttons on lock screen on Android 11+
* Paste links function on the Reading List screen now handles also RSS feed links
* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.8.5, Oct. 9, 2022

* The "Record sound file" has a new option to announce progress of recording in a voice, every specified number of seconds. Could be used to monitor recording progress with screen off, or by blind users.
* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.7.1, Sept. 14, 2022

* Stability and usability improvements

 Ver. 26.7.0, Sept. 13, 2022

* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.6.6, Aug. 31, 2022

* Another correction to handle updated Google Translate app, to make the popup window work.
* Other usability and stability improvements.

Ver. 26.6.4, Aug. 25, 2022

* Added Translate function to "Reload or clear" menu (circular arrows button)
* Stability and usability improvements

Ver. 26.5.1, Aug. 7, 2022

* Fix: after the last update of Google Translate app, the option to show the treanslation in a popup window stopped working.

Ver. 26.5.0, July 29, 2022

* Added Search button to the Settings menu, to quickly find the necessary settings. Just press the magnifying glass icon, then start typing.

Ver. 26.4.7, July 22, 2022

Minor corrections:
* Save the original URL address with a server error response, to enable "reload"
* Strip extra URL parameters added by the server redirect response, when saving the original URL

Ver. 26.4.5, July 19, 2022

* Improvements for showing correctly match equations, written with MathJax code.
* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.3.9, Jun 19, 2022

* Fix: if play low volume sound to prevent freading fade in/out for each sentence was enabled, the sound would not stop by itself when the article ends and there is nothing else to play.

Ver. 26.3.8, Jun 4, 2022

* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.3.5, May 15, 2022

* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.3.4, May 10, 2022

* Fix: while listening and watching the original PDF, the yellow highlight was obscuring the text on older versions of Android.
* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.3.0, May 2 2022

* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.2.9, Apr. 29 2022

* Fix: if PDF files were added to any reading list, reading aloud would not advance to the next article on the list, after finishing a PDF.

Ver. 26.2.8, Apr. 25 2022

* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.2.3, Apr. 18 2022

* Improved the way some tables, and long, unbroken strings of characters are displayed on @Voice's screen.
* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.1.6, Apr. 10 2022

* Added Share button to the screen that appears when recording a sound file is finished.
* Added Hungarian UI translation - thank you, Sancho!
* Important stability and usability improvements.

Ver. 26.0.3, Apr. 7 2022

* New  feature: if you open a PDF and extract text to HTML format, press the round PDF button at bottom-left to look at the original PDF pages while the app is reading aloud. Press the Back button on your phone/tablet to return from PDF to normal view anytime.
* Turkish translations reviewed and corrected, thank you, Ferhat!

Ver. 25.7.1, March 31 2022

* Stability and qualtiy improvements.

Ver. 25.6.13, March 27 2022

* Stability and qualtiy improvements.

Ver. 25.6.6, March 16, 20202

* Improvements in recording to sound files function
* Voice change instructions are handled in a more efficient way.

Ver. 25.6.2, March 11, 20202

* Fix: when switching TTS engine with voice change instructions, the sentence pause was ignored
* Fix: when loading a next part of a long text file, or the next ebook chapter, the voice definitions for voice changes, defined in the first part, were forgotten.

Ver. 25.6.1, March 5, 20202

* Option to save web pages added to the reading list with the Share button as complete web archives, with all the images and other data, for offline reading.
* New search button added to the Bookmarks screen - search within bookmarks by text and/or color.
* Long press on the bookmark button in floating toolbar lets you select color first for the new bookmark.
* Option to hide voice annotations from the text window - available under the Settings menu - Speech settings - READING tab
* Fix for voice changes getting out of order and crashing, when changing often between the local and cloud voices
* Other important stability and performance improvements

Ver. 25.4.9, Feb. 17, 20202

* HTML files extracted from MHTML archives have now the origina URL information added on top of the index.html, so that content filter that relay on origin URL could work 
* Stability and usability fixes

Ver. 25.4.7, Feb. 12, 20202

* Accepting user added security certificates for opening web articles
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.4.6, Jan. 26, 20202

* Fix sleep timer - when reset timer on shake was enabled, and reading aloud was manually paused, shaking the phone was resuming speech.
* Fix - on some phones changing the app interface language under the Settings menu caused erratic behavior on app start.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 25.4.4, Jan. 24, 20202

* Added ability to set @Voice preferences, particuarly "hidden" options that are not available directly in the app for changing, with JSON files. This is meant mainly for support, to send such configuration .json files to the user by email, to change some of these "hidden" options. Currently the only hidden option is "sleepVolFade", which is default 'true', but can be set to 'false', which prevents volume fade before the sleep timer stops reading aloud.

Ver. 25.4.3, Jan. 23, 20202

* Added some controls from an external keyboard, if you have such keyboard connected to your phone or tablet:
   - Down and up arrows - scroll screen up or down
   - Left and right arrows - jump to the previous/next sentence
   - Enter key - pause/resume reading aloud
   - Space or page down key - scroll to the next page
   - Page up key - scroll to the previous page
   - T letter key - open Google Translate on the currently highlighted sentence.

Ver. 25.4.2, Jan. 17, 20202

* OCR package updated to Tesseract 5.0.1, slightly faster and using less memory. Also added STOP button to OCR progress message, to stop the process but preserve the text. .

Ver. 25.4.0, Jan. 15, 20202

* Sleep timer will now lower volume in the last 15 seconds to signal expiring timer. Also it will wait additional 1 minute without exiting the app, after reading is stopped. During that time you may wake it by shaking the device or pressing Play button.
* Fix for importing FB2 ebooks from Google Drive
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.3.8, Jan. 7, 20202

* The "Sync between devices" screen now shows the current Google account used for syncing, and there is a button to change it.
* On Android 12 and higher you may place a sound file named ding.wav in .config directory of @Voice home folder, to replace the "ding" sound it makes between loading articles from the reading list.

Ver. 25.3.2, Dec. 31, 20201

* Added option to restart sleep timer on device shakes
* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.2.7, Dec. 20, 20201

* Permitting clear text traffic again, too many complaints from the users, when it's limited to https only.
* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.2.4, Dec. 17, 20201

* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.1.7, Dec. 8, 20201

* Added new option under Speech settings - AUDIO tab to play soft sound while reading, to prevent sound fading out for each sentence on some external speakers or headsets.
* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.1.1, Dec. 3, 20201

* No more OCR on battery for more than 2 pages, otherwise there are too many problems.
* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 25.0.5, Nov. 28, 20201

* Added synchronization of reading position AND BOOKMARKS between devices, through the user's Google Drive. Can be enabled under the Settings menu.
* Also changed the default color scheme of @Voice controls, but it's easy to set them to the old scheme or anything else you like.

Ver. 24.4.0, Nov. 17, 20201

* Added synchronization of reading position between devices, through the user's Google Drive. Can be enabled under the Settings menu.

Ver. 24.3.3, Nov. 7, 20201

* Fix some Application Not Responding (ANR) errors

Ver. 24.3.1, Oct. 27, 2021

* Fixes to make the app work better Android TV and on Onyx e-paper devices.

Ver. 24.2.10, Oct. 24, 2021

* Fix - in some situations the same full screen app was shown over and over.
* Fix - adding files to the Reading list from Google Drive would not work correctly, if two or more files had the same name.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.2.9, Oct. 19, 2021

* Reading list - long press on up or down arrow button at the bottom bar to move selected article to the start or end of the list.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.2.4, Oct. 11, 2021

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.2.1, Oct. 8, 2021

* Fix for opening PDF files from the Reading list
* Fix: prevent ads from showing when sharing articles to @Voice Reading list, or when opening the app when screen reader (e.g. TalkBack) is active
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.1.12, Oct. 5, 2021

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.1.10, Oct. 1, 2021

* Added Samsung Dictionary to the dictionary choices, but it appears only on Samsung devices (the Samsung Dictionary app won't work on any other devices).
* Improved support for Android 12 on Samsung devices
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.1.4, Sep. 14, 2021

* Reading list screen has now selection check-boxes for moving, copying or deleting articles in bulk
* Other stability improvements

Ver. 24.0.11, Sep. 3, 2021

* Fix: full screen ads should not appear when a screen reader (TalkBack or other) is active
* Other stability improvements

Ver. 24.0.8, Aug. 30, 2021

* Fix - Sharing an article, document or book as a file did not work.
* Other important stability improvements

Ver. 24.0.7, Aug. 27, 2021

* App compiled to new Google requirements (API 30), asks the user for permission to "manage all files". It's optional, but without it easy access to files outside of the app private folder is very inconvenient, and many files need to be duplicated in app folder to open them.
* Fix: would not read next article on reading list, if repeating sentences was turned on.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 24.0.4, Aug. 25, 2021

* Work-around Google Translate v6 bug when opening it in split screen mode.

Ver. 24.0.3, Aug. 23, 2021

* After selecting text, Google Translate can appear in a popup window.
* Volume rocker can be set to jump sentences.

Ver. 24.0.0, Aug. 20, 2021

* The voice definitions for voice changes can now optionally contain # character followed by instructions to set the voice speed, pitch and volume. Example below - Angel is a Spanish voice definition accepted by older versions of @Voice, AngelFast is a new definition with voice control instructions.

{{@+Angel=com.google.android.tts, es_ES, es-es-x-eed-local}}
{{@+AngelFast=com.google.android.tts, es_ES, es-es-x-eed-local#s=1.3,p=1.4,v=0.5}}

Ver. 23.4.10, Aug. 13, 2021

* "clearCookies" in web site filters handled at the host level now, not page level
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 23.4.3, Jul. 17, 2021

* Fixing word and sentence splitting for Chinese and other Asian punctation marks, also followed by closing double-quotation character.
* Fixing voice change annotations for some HTML files (or PDFs extracted to HTML format).
* Working around yet another bug in Google TTS network voices...

Ver. 23.4.1, Jul. 10, 2021

* File browser and Open screen now go up all the way to root and then allow entering mnt folder. This is necessary e.g. under BlueStacks emulator to access folders shared with the host machine
* In "Custom colors" theme added an option to customize the word highlight
* Fixed some MHTML text import issues, for files exported to MHTML/MHT format from MS Office.
* Fixed opening of some FB2 ebooks

Ver. 23.3.15, June 27, 2021

* Fix a problem with the premium license on a few devices
* Stability and performance improvements

 Ver. 23.3.12, June 22, 2021

* Stability and performance improvements

 Ver. 23.3.11, June 15, 2021

* Added option to follow or not links, when opening and pasting a short text containing a link. See Settings menu - Share icons, text and reading list.
* Fixed import of Evernote notes, possibly from other sites that have important contents inside iframes
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 23.3.5, June 5, 2021

* Reading lists have now optional default folder, where their articles will be saved
* Fixes and improvement to Paste links function on the Reading List menu - will not stop on download in background, when JavaScript is needed for the web page, will notify of download progress and finish, and optionally let you cancel when downloading in background
* Improvements to PDF text import

Ver 23.3.0, May 29, 2021

* Reading lists have now optional default folder, where their articles will be saved
* Fixes and improvement to Paste links function on the Reading List menu - will not stop on download in background, when JavaScript is needed for the web page, will notify of download progress and finish, and optionally let you cancel when downloading in background Release notes provided for 12 of 12 languages 

Ver 23.2.10, May 22, 2021

* Made the "Paste links" function on the Reading List menu more flexible, when pasting plain text mixed with http/https links. Works also when opening a file of .txt type. Will try discover all links and add them to the list.

Ver 23.2.9, May 20, 2021

* Added "Show details" option to the Reading List menu - shows file size and date
* Fix: it was impossible to delete Google Cloud voices API key. 
* Improved compatibility with Android 12 Beta

Ver 23.2.3, May 9, 2021

* Implemented one of the most repeated requests - easily import multiple web links into @Voice reading list, for example for web novels and other contents. Provides also easy update, when new contents (chapters) are added. Look under the Reading List menu - Paste links.
* Important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 23.1.6, Apr. 29, 2021

* Fix: create folder on file browsing screens was not working
* Other rare crash fixes

Ver. 23.1.5, Apr. 27, 2021

* Added Amazon Polly and Microsoft Azure cloud voices support (paid services by Amazon and Microsoft)
* Fix for opening MHTML files generated by MS Word
* Other small changes, stability and performance improvements

Ver. 23.0.8, Apr. 10, 2021

* PREMIUM copy only: Added ability to switch voices, when reading aloud, with special annotations within the text. They can also change the language of the voice. Read more: https://hyperionics.com/atVoice/VoiceChanges.html
* Other small changes, stability and performance improvements

Ver. 22.9.1, Mar. 22, 2021

* When editing speech replacements, added option to preview the sample text with all replacements applied.
* You may also view the text of current sentence as it is after applying all replacements - long press the sentence, then long press the magnifying glass icon.
* Added option to read aloud alt text for images (Settings - Share icons, text and reading lists...)
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 22.8.4, Mar. 14, 2021

* Stability and performance improvements
* with DexProtector

 Ver. 22.8.0, Mar. 5, 2021

* Added option to keep SSML tags, under @Voice Settings - Share icons, text and reading lists. It's for advanced users who want to modify speech synthesis by embedding special instructions (SSML) into HTML code.
* Added Czech translation - thank you, Lukas!
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 22.7.4, Feb. 21, 2021

* The default interface under the Open button to search for documents by type (BOOKS, PDF, DOC, HTML, TEXT) has now a search by file name, author, title etc. function - press magnifying glass icon on top
* On the BOOKS tab, if you press on book image next to each book title, a more detailed info and book cover are shown. Press on the text to open at once, as before. Release notes provided for 12 of 12 languages
* Additiuonal option on "Record sound file" screen, to slow down recording to the rate of speech, if using cloud voices (i.e. for now only Google WaveNet or Standard cloud voices). Otherwise, if recording speed is too fast, the server may issue "too many requests" error and refuse further service.

Ver. 22.6.7, Jan. 30, 2021

* Quality and performance improveents

Ver. 22.6.2, Jan. 22, 2021

* Added "Reset progress" function to the Reading list menu
* Fix opening PDF files from the reading list

Ver. 22.6.0, Jan. 18, 2021

* Generate speech for 2 sentences ahead is now active only when using Google cloud voices. For local voices only 1 sentence ahead is generated.
* Improved message about image-only PDFs, instructing the user how to enable OCR.
* Important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 22.5.8, Jan. 11, 2021

* Improved reading with Google cloud voices - shorter pauses between paragraphs and more reliable connection
* Fix problem with the Open button sometimes closing instantly and re-opening the same file
* Important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 22.5.5, Jan. 9, 2021

* Important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 22.5.3, Jan. 6, 2021

* Important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 22.5.1, Dec. 29, 2020

* Auto-save reading progress every 1 minute, in case the app is killed
* Access to files in network library plugin under Android 11 fixed
* Fix: was not listing Chinese language selection for Google Cloud voices
* Other important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 22.4.12, Dec. 19, 2020

* Fix: Chinese language selection was not available on Google Cloud voices screen.

Ver. 22.4.10, Dec. 15, 2020

* Correct handling of <pre> tags in web pages
* Handle MathJax (math equations) in web pages
* Other quality improvements

Ver. 22.4.5, Dec. 7, 2020

* Added "clearCookies" boolean argument handling for filter files

Ver. 22.4.4, Dec. 5, 2020

* Fix for Arabic text import from PDF
* Fix article duplication on reading lists when importing from Google Drive
* Other quality and performance improvements.

Ver. 22.4.1, Dec. 3, 2020

* Fix for a rare error in exporting bookmarks

Ver. 22.4.0, Nov. 29, 2020

* When manually cropping a PDF for text extraction, long-press defined region to change its type - the default is Text, but can be change to Image (to include selected page area as an image in the extracted HTML, or to Exclude region. There is also a Delete option on this menu.
* HTML with images option is now available also when doing OCR on PDF files, but works only for manually defined "Image" regions.
* Add from Google Drive function on Reading List menu now supports CSV files with lists of links to import and add to the list.

Ver. 22.3.8, Nov. 12, 2020

* "Explore by touch" (TalkBack) active over the entire text are of @Voice, when the app is not reading aloud - is now an option under the Settings menu - Accessibility. It is disabled by default, enable it there if needed, but on some devices it does not work correctly. Disable if it causes problems.
* Other usability, stability and performance improvements

Ver. 22.3.2, Nov. 6, 2020

* Added change of app interface language, without changing the system language of the phone/tablet - see Settings menu - Language. Works only under Android 8 and higher.
* Added an extra button "Examine sentence using screen reader", when running with a screen reader (TalkBack or other). Use to read by words, examine spelling using screen reader gestures etc.
* Fix occasional error with translation language selection

Ver. 22.2.1, Oct. 30, 2020

* Added option to show two pages (columns of text) per screen. Useful particularly in landscape mode, or e.g. on Galaxy Z Fold2 after unfolding screen.
* Many stability and performance improvements

Ver. 22.1.5, Oct. 18, 2020

* Added Simplified Chinese translation - thank you, Dwite!

Ver. 22.1.4, Oct. 14, 2020

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 22.0.9, Oct. 6, 2020

* Added Chinese - Traditional user interface translation
* A few rare crashes fixed.

Ver. 22.0.5, Oct. 3, 2020

* Added OCR (recognizing text from images) to PDF file opening options. Based on Tesseract 4.1.1 open source OCR package. Enable if straight text extraction from PDF does not yield good results. It is slow though and battery consuming, best use when connected to external power.

Ver. 21.0.36, Sept. 16 2020

* Fix: some file types were not opening correctly when using Share - Send To - @Voicein other apps.

Ver. 21.0.35, Sept. 11 2020

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 21.0.31, Sept. 5, 2020

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 21.0.29, Sept. 2, 2020

* Better background operation when processing large PDF files - opening and reading other types of files is possible while this conversion runs in the background
* The app interface is now translated also to Arabic language - thank you, Kenan!
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 20.2.19, Aug. 15, 2020

* Fix: Import speech replacement file from Download directory or clouds did not work
* Improvement in cropping some PDF files

Ver. 20.2.18, Aug. 11, 2020

* Improved text extraction from some PDF files
* Stability and code quality improvements.

Ver. 20.2.16, Aug. 9, 2020

* Improved text extraction from some web sites
* Long reading lists can now be scrolled very fast with the blue circle at the right margin, that appears as soon as you scroll the list a little bit.

Ver. 20.2.12, Jul 29, 2020

* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 20.2.10, Jul 26, 2020

* Small improvements in PDF text extraction
* Added selections to choose automatically reading direction, or force left-to-right or right-to-left reading direction
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 20.2.4, Jul 16, 2020

* Added Search button on top of Reading List screen. Currently it searches file names present on the currently opened list. Will consider search through all lists and adding search buttons to the file open screens in the future.

Ver. 20.1.22, Jul 9, 2020

* Fix for changing between Chinese (Mandarin) and Cantonese voices

Ver. 20.1.19, Jul 6, 2020

* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 20.1.15, June 30, 2020

* Fix: Rel. 20.1.14 was crashing on startup on certain LG and Samsung phones

Ver. 20.1.14, June 28, 2020

* When following links to download multiple part of split articles, will now also download correctly pages that require JavaScript support
* Backup/Restore functions under @Voice Settings menu will now also save and restore all user options and preferences
* Stability improvements

Ver. 20.1.10, June 17, 2020

* Fix: for some PDF files, lines were not joined correctly into paragraphs

Ver. 20.1.9, June 14, 2020

* Compatible with Android 11 beta 1 release
* Disabled full screen reading mode when a screen reader like TalkBack is in use, as it was very confusing in this situation
* When exporting bookmarks from ebook formats (or PDFs extracted to HTML/EPUB format), now the page on which the bookmark was placed is listed in the exported file
* Fix: some files with name extension in upper case, like .PDF instead .pdf, were not opening correctly.

Ver. 20.1.5, June 7, 2020

* Fix encoding problems when opening some MHT or MHTML files
* Fix opening some DOCX files
* Fix: entering a very long file name in "Save" function (like 200 characters or more) would crash the app.
* Fix: in Japanese text, Furigana characters should not be read aloud
* Fix: the app was forgetting reading position for some PDF files
* Many other important quality improvements

Ver. 20.0.7, June 1, 2020

* Fix: entering a very long file name in "Save" function (like 200 characters or more) would crash the app.

Ver. 20.0.6, May 29, 2020

* Added option to assign headset Forward or Back button to "Bookmark" function, to easily bookmark interesting places when your listen with such headset. Select this option under the Settings menu - Speech settings - HEADSET tab.
* Fix reading Google Docs files from Google Drive
* Fix opening DOCX files created by WordPerfect 2020
* Other quality and performance improvements

Ver. 20.0.3, May 25, 2020

* Small improvements to PDF text import - remove almost transparent text, which is often used for watermarks, and remove word splitting on some incorrectly created PDF documents
* Improved compatibility with Chromebook devices
* Other important quality and performance improvements

Ver. 20.0.0, May 20, 2020

* Converted app back from the ill fated and Google mandated "Scoped storage" or "Storage Access Framework" (SAF) back to using standard file access, as it was a real disaster. Now accessing files is a lot easier and faster. Will keep it that way as long as I can, and give up on Google Play completely when they force me to use that... thing again.

Ver. 19.8.0, May 18, 2020

* ALERT - BETA TESTERS FEEDBACK NEEDED! Google finally relented and is now permiting standard file access for reading files in Android 11 and beyond. So I'm largely giving up on their "Scoped Storage" file access, which was a disaster, and re-worked the app again to use regular files access. Please test how opening files works now, send me feedback if it's any better, and of course send me all the bugs you notice! Thanks!

Ver. 19.7.5, May 12, 2020

* Important fix: sometimes would skip entire chapter when reading aloud an ebook
* The action items that other apps add to the menu, which appears when you select some text in any app, are now also available when you press the 3 vertical dots in @Voice toolbar appearing upon text selection. For example, some 3rd party dictionary app, which we may have not included into our "Dictionary" button, may add a "Dictionary" action there, and you may now access it easily from @Voice screen.
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 19.7 , May 7, 2020

* Better filtering of very long Reddit.com pages
* Correction: sometimes reading progress was not saved
* Ukrainian translation added - big thank you! to volunteer translators: Konstantin, Marinka and Volodymyr!

Ver. 19.6 , Apr. 19, 2020

* Added ability to use Google Cloud voices, including WaveNet - under "Change voice or language" press on top and select "Use Google cloud voices". You need to establish API key, enter payment method and pay Google for usage above their free tier. I don't think they are worth the trouble, but some users were asking for this for months.

Ver. 19.5 , March 29, 2020

* Important stability and performance improvements

Ver. 19.4 , March 14, 2020

* Improved PDF text import - now optionally imports in HTML format, including font sizes and styles, images, navigation by page numbers and table of contents (if TOC was available in the original PDF file.
* On Android 10 and higher, the round button at right in @Voice notification now acts as a shortcut for pasting text into the app.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 19.3 Feb. 15, 2020

* Added Sort option to file browser that appears when + button pressed at the bottom of Reading list screen.
* Added file size and date for file to the above screen as well, can be hidden from the menu there.
* Added simple file manager to copy/move/delete/rename files, including hidden files and folders, find it at the bottom of the Settings menu.
* Stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 19.2 Feb. 1, 2020

* Added new option to "Delay before pausing speech, when other sounds are played...", can be now set to up to 5 seconds. This may help to avoid pausing reading aloud on short notification sounds for example.
* Fix: some EPUB ebook files were not opening correctly.

Ver. 19.1 Jan. 18, 2020

* Conforms to Google policy to use scoped storage for file access. User needs to give permission (once) to access each directory. Huge chunks of app code had to to be re-written, but without it we'd have to abandon the app.
* It's now possible to open files from Google Drive and other cloud storage in @Voice directly (Open button - Browse by folders)
* Sync devices function is removed, it with recent changes in Android it became impossible to support it.

Ver. 18.2.0 Nov. 16, 2019

* Fix: wired.com web site did not allow login from "Reload from browser..." command. May fix other sites using DOM Storage API too.
* The "Open" screen in "Browse by file type" mode now shows the full file name, does not truncate it to fit into one line.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 18.1.6 Nov. 9, 2019

* Added support for .mhtml (or .mht) file format, which is used by Chrome browser on Android when you press the Download page button on its menu
* More improvements to PDF text extraction, trying to avoid unnecessary letters separation in some documents.

Ver. 18.1.0 Nov. 3, 2019

* Epub books now open about 2x faster
* Fixed @Voice home screen widget, now it works directly after a reboot too, and opens @Voice app screen if you tap the title in it.
* Improved content filtering for some web site, e.g. reddit.com
* Correct PDF text extraction, from some files characters were extracted in wrong order
* Other stability and performance improvements

Ver. 18.0 Oct. 25, 2019

* Improved text extraction for PDF files written in Right-to-Left scripts (Arabic, Hebrew...)
* Fixed text selection for Right-to-Left scripts
* Work-around implemented for a crash on many Android 5.0 and 5.1 Lollipop devices (caused by a bug in Google appcompat libraries)
* Fix: incorrect sentence splitting in ebook files, when an abbreviation with a space was encountered, e.g. "et al." or German "z. B." and similar.
* Fix: under the Open button, in “Browse by file type” mode, it was impossible to add a folder to scan that was located on an external SD card.

Ver. 17.6 Oct. 6, 2019

* Added "Read aloud" item to the toolbar that pops up when you select text in any app on Android (it's usually accessible after pressing the 3 vertical dots button). Sends selected text to @Voice app and reads it aloud at once. The option (and button in @Voice notification) to instantly read copied text no longer works on Android 10, this seems like a good alternative.
* Added status bar to Edit speech screen, showing the number of active and total items.

Ver. 17.5 Sept. 18, 2019

* Removed ability to swipe off @Voice notification - it was causing problems on some devices. Use the X button at notification right to remove it if necessary
* Reading list improvement - you may change the order of articles with finger swiping, holding the icon at right of each list item
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 17.4.6 Sept. 13, 2019

* @Voice notification can now be swiped out or closed with CLEAR ALL button, if the app is not reading aloud.
* Open button in the default "Browse by file type" mode now scans whole storage for files to open, on the first use and once per week, also has a "Scan whole storage" button on top to repeat the search for files anytime.
* Fix problem with "Speak text copied to clipboard" function not working on some devices.
* Other important stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 17.4 Sept. 2, 2019

* When another app is playing a very short sound (shorter than 500 ms), @Voice will not pause speech.
* Fix PDF text import - for some files lines of text appeared in wrong order, when more than one cropping areas were defined in manual crop.
* Other small stability and performance improvements.

Ver. 17.3 Aug. 17, 2019

* @Voice now reacts to the Export chat function in WhatsApp, you may open a chat for reading aloud.
* Implementing a work-around for a bug in Android WebView control/Google Chrome browser, which crashes the app for about 2% of users. Google Chrome team says they are working on fixing this, but no progress for several weeks. Maybe this work-around will work...
* Fix: sentence highlight on double-tap or long press, or instant translate on tap, did not work in split screen mode, when @Voice was at right
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 17.2, Jul. 12, 2019

* Tap or long press any image to examine it closely, zoom and pan it if necessary
* Under Edit speech list screen, long press the add or insert buttons to add/insert a copy of the currently selected item (to edit and modify it easily)
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 17.1, June 27, 2019

* Sync with Pocket can be now sent to background, continue listening or using other apps while articles download
* Edit speech tag improvements - add/remove tags for all selected items, export enabled only (e.g. after selecting by tags)
* Improved language detection for some web sites
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 17.0, June 16, 2019

* Fixes to Edit speech list search and screen layout when defining new speech replacements, adding tags on small screens.
* Avoiding white flash when deleting articles from the reading list, and for other operations that need to run in the background, but are very fast to execute.
* Using a new version 3 of Google CLD library for language detection - hopefully will be more accurate and crash less...

Ver. 16.9, May 25, 2019

* Improvements for text extraction from quora.com and other sites
* New option under Speech settings - Pauses tab, to pause after each article for specified time or indefinitely
* New option to hide disabled items on Edit speech menu.
* Premium license only: speech replacements under Edit speech now can have tags, one may enable/disable items by tags.

Ver. 16.8, May 13, 2019

* Better text filtering for CNN and some other sites
* Android Q Beta 3 compatible
* Highlight spoken words option moved to Speech settings - START tab, and is now turned off by default. It affects negatively performance and battery, don't turn on unless necessary
* Important stability improvements

Ver. 16.7.8, May 4, 2019

* Fix for reading aloud Scientific American articles
* Better handling of ebook files with very long HTML content inside
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 16.7, Apr. 19, 2019

*Custom content filters may be now easily installed from email attachments, local files or web links
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 16.6, Apr. 5, 2019

* New option under Edit Speech screen to insert new replacement at the current position
* Stability and performance improvements, Android Q Beta 2 compatible.

Ver. 16.5, March 16, 2019

* First release compatible with Android Q beta
* The "Repeat" button at the bottom, if enabled, has now an extra option to stop reading at the end of current article (do not continue to the next article on the reading list)
* Trying to fix TalkBack saying repeatedly "Service @Voice" on some phones. If you experienced this problem before, please tell me if this update fixes it for you.
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 16.4, March 16, 2019

* Long-press a word, then press Play button - app starts reading from that word, not start of the sentence.
* For TTS engines that can highlight the word read aloud (currently only Google TTS under Android 8 or higher), pause reading - resume, reads from the last read word, not start of the sentence.
* Fix for some FB2 files not opening, and TOC/Links not working in some MOBI/AZW3 ebooks
* Security improvements for PDF files handling

Ver. 16.3, Feb. 23, 2019

* Improved content filtering for some web sites
* Better abbreviation handling
* The app now asks for Storage access only when the user tries to open a file from outside of @Voice private directory, not on app startup
* Stability and performance improvements

Ver. 16.2, Feb. 14, 2019

* Better help in installing new Text-to-speech engines and voices.

Ver. 16.1, Feb. 4, 2019

* New bookmarking - arbitrary selection may be bookmarked now. Bookmarks can be exported to a text file with the complete text of the bookmarked range, and imported back if needed.
* New options in Speech settings: START tab - choose to start reading from top of screen, if last read aloud position is behind, and HEADSET tab - ignore Next/Previous (or FF/Rewind) buttons from headset when reading is paused. Should help for problems with certain car stereos. 
* Faster loading of ebook chapters

Ver. 15.9, Jan. 10, 2019

* Restored asking for Storage read/write permission at app start, if it was not granted yet. Previously asked when using Open file function, but some users would send files to @Voice from other apps without every using Open button, and were getting cryptic error message only.

Ver. 15.8, Dec. 1, 2018

* @Voice has now a "Reload" button on article pages that did not download.
* Reload is also found on "Reload or clear" menu (circular arrows) for any HTML article
* If error articles were added to a reading list, you may now use "Reload error articles" on the menu to try to reload them.
* Added "Reload all articles" to the reading list menu, to reload all HTML articles. If only some need reloading, prepare first a smaller reading list with them, then use this function.

Ver. 15.7, Nov. 15, 2018

* Modified handling of very long web pages and HTML files, trying to save memory and prevent some out-of-memory crashes.
* Finally figured out what caused crashes on OnePlus One phone with Android 6.0.1, and a few other devices - Google's new App Bundle format for uploading apps to Google Play. Reverting to the old APKs for now, which works fine.

Ver. 15.6

* Fix: text search was not working correctly for long texts or ebooks
* Avoid excessive showing of voice selector screen
* Other fixes and performance improvements

Ver. 15.5

* Divided extra-busy "Speech settings" screen into 4 tabs
* New options on Pauses tab of Speech settings - pause for the same duration as it took to read aloud a sentence or paragraph, or percentage of it.
* Improved sorting of articles on reading lists and file names - numbers in names are taken into account correctly, e.g. "Article2" will be now before "Article11", not after it.
* Repeat button at bottom is hidden by default, enable it under Screen settings
* Bug fixes

Ver. 15.3

* Fix @Voice Folder Location function - when copying of data to new location was requested, nothing was copied...
* Added "Change voice or language" function also to the Settings menu - many users could not find it on the expanded bottom control panel.

Ver. 15.2, Aug. 27, 2018

* Added instant sentence translation option on single or double-tap, via Google Translate app. Enable if needed under Settings menu. Works best in split screen mode on Android 7 and higher.
* If absolutely necessary, you may long-press the round (>) button next to speech speed slider to increase the upper speed limit the slider allows. What a TTS engine will do with high-speed request is beyond my control.
* Better single letter abbreviation detection for Russian language.

Ver. 15.1, Aug. 12, 2018

* More messages shown with possible solutions, when correct TTS voice is missing or has no voice data installed
* Fixed some file association to open from file browsers files of type .fb2, .fb2.zip, .azw3 etc.

Ver. 15.0, Aug. 5, 2018

* Edit speech items can now be individually activated or deactivated with check-boxes on the list. There are also options to activate/deactivate all on the menu there, and delete all inactive if necessary.
* Fix for "end of part" info for ebooks and other long files to have the same text background and color as the rest of the pages.
* Improved import from MOBI/AZW ebook formats
* Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Ver. 14.4, Jul. 3, 2018

* Fixed issues with some web pages constantly prompting for GDRP consent or forgetting passwords
* Added "Clear password" function to Settings menu, to clear all saved passwords and cookies if needed
* Other important bug fixes

Ver. 14.3

* Long press the X button at the bottom of reading list screen to delete an article permanently at once. It will be also removed from all reading lists that way.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 14.2, May 22, 2018

* Added @Voice Network Library Plugin to download books from online book catalogs published in OPDS format.
* When running under TalkBack, full screen ads are no longer shown to avoid user confusion.

Version 14.1, May 8, 2018

* Fix - working around a bug in newest Android WebView control, hanging or crashing the app under TalkBack.

Version 14.0, April 14, 2018

* Added option to show extra buttons in the top toolbar, if there is space - Settings, Paste and Bookmarks menu. Select what to show under Settings
* Copying text from @Voice app will not automatically read it aloud, if option to read aloud copied text is turned on
* Important bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 13.3, April 6, 2018

* Moved Setup function from the menu to gear icon in top toolbar for easier access
* Added option to reset "Open by default" setting to Setup screen, and warning user if a file of some type is opened by default, with option to reset. The warning may be turned off.
* Other important bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 13.2, April 1, 2018

* Much better handling of malformed ebooks, particularly in MOBI format, and very long HTML texts often downloaded from fun fiction sites
* Fixes to history and back-forward navigation (horizontal arrows when you open the main menu)
* Many other important bug fixes and performance improvements 

Version 13.1, March 16, 2018

* Reading time left is now shown at the bottom status line when you start reading aloud. It's updated after each sentence is finished.
* Info panel available from "i" in circle button on the menu also contains reading time estimates.
* You can pull down the info panel by swiping down from the top toolbar of @Voice app, and you may also expand the bottom control panel by swiping up from the bottom row of buttons.
* Added Livio Portuguese dictionary support
* Other important bug fixes

Version 13.0.2, March 8, 2018

* Added option to not turn off "play on shake" feature if too much shaking detected
* Fix: Default list was cleared after Share - Add to list, if @Voice was not started before
* Fix: speech sometimes auto-started even if "Start talking at once" option was off
* Fix: Plain text indented with spaces did not show correctly.
* Fix: Superscripts in ebook files found at end of sentence formed part of the next sentence, causing trouble with speech replacements.

Version 13.0, March 5, 2018

Version 12.09, Feb. 27, 2018

Version 12.08, Feb. 19, 2018

Version 12.07, Feb. 11, 2018

Version 12.06, Feb. 4, 2018

Version 12.05, Jan. 20, 2018

Version 12.04, Jan. 9, 2018

Version 12.02, Dec. 17, 2017

Version 12.01.05, Dec. 9, 2017

More enhancements under "Page look" T+/- icon:

Version 12.00.07, Nov. 23, 2017

Version 12.00.04, Nov. 19, 2017

Version 12.00.03, Nov. 17, 2017

Version 11.05.00, Nov. 2, 2017

Version 11.04.08, Oct. 25, 2017

Version 11.04, Oct. 1, 2017

Version 11.03.02, Sept. 24, 2017

Version 11.02.03, Sept. 19, 2017

Version 11.01.05, Sept. 9, 2017

Version 11.00.06, Sept. 2, 2017

Version 11.00.04, Aug. 26, 2017

Version 10.15.00, June 15, 2017

Version 10.13.03, May 24, 2017

Version 10.12.08, May 13, 2017

Version 10.12.05b, May 6, 2017

Version 10.12.04, May 4, 2017

Version 10.12.02, May 1, 2017

Version 10.11.00, Apr. 21, 2017

Version 10.10.16, Apr. 5, 2017

Version 10.10.9 released March. 16, 2017

Version 10.10.4 released March. 10, 2017

Version 10.10.3 released March. 8, 2017

Version 9.9.8 released Feb. 14, 2017

Version 9.9.7 released Feb. 5, 2017

Version 9.9.4 released Jan. 29, 2017

Version 9.9.3 released Jan. 24, 2017

Version 9.9.1 released Jan. 18, 2017

Version 9.8.4 released Jan. 12, 2017

Version 9.7.3 released Dec. 20, 2016

Version 9.6.8 released Dec. 15, 2016

Version 9.6.7 released Dec. 12, 2016

Version 9.6.6 released Dec. 10, 2016

Version 9.6.5 released Dec. 7, 2016

Version 9.5.2 released Nov. 17, 2016

Version 9.5.0 released Nov. 10, 2016

10/21/2016 v.9.3.8
* New desktop Chrome browser extension to add articles to @Voice with one click from your laptop or desktop computer. Install it in Chrome browser by search in Chrome Web Store for "@Voice Add to List".
* After installing the extension and adding some articles with it, go to any Reading List, press menu - "Google Drive sync".
* Fix to Pocket sync issues with large number of articles
* Bug fixes and performance improvement.

9/28/2016: v9.2.8
* Improvements to PDF text import, e.g. more ligatures decoded, some invalid UTF codes rejected
* Another fix for importing text from articles shared from Flipboard
* Bug fixes

9/24/2016: v9.2.7
* Smaller and less frequent ads in text
* The never ending job of improving text extraction from web pages continues...
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

9/18/2016: v.9.2.2
* Fixing issue with importing text from new versions of Flipboard
* Several other web site and app text extraction fixes
* Trying new kind of ads
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

9/8/2016: v.9.1.5
* Added "Share to Facebook" feature
* Enhancements and fixes to the Search function
* Fixing issue of advanced Pocket sync downloading deleted articles
* Enabling "fast Pocket sync" option no matter if I think it will work on a device or not...
* Updated translations
* Several important bug fixes and performance improvements

8/23/2016: v.9.0.10
* Search function now works for entire ebooks or long text files
* Faster loading of saved articles when WiFi is not available
* Read list management: rename articles, move to other lists
* Pocket sync now shows error message, if something goes wrong
* Fix: load full page text was not working for some pages
* Small fixes in text extraction from web articles. Email us if you see any pages that extract incorrectly
* Several other bug fixes

8/5/2016: v.8.9.6
* Updated translations
* Accessibility improvements when using the app with TalkBack
* Play gong sound when recording and article to a sound file, and recording is finished.

7/28/2016: v8.9.4
* Fix: sound recording on some devices was not working
* Fix Pocket sync - when auto-archiving more than 1 finished articles it would crash
* Pocket sync - the "Quick" method is now disabled on devices where it won't work.
* Small change in Reading List handling - when article is 75% or more finished, and you press a button to load the next article, it's marked as 100% finished, which will make auto-archiving easier.

7/23/2016: v8.9.2

* Alt loading of web pages that refuse to load without JavaScript
* Some buttons larger and speech sliders hidden, when TalkBack is used.
* More fixes to import in fb2 import
* Record sound files with continue to next article/chapter: option to combine chapters into one sound file.
* Zoom out text with "pinch" gesture, and you may scroll without worry that upon reading the next sentence the view will scroll back.
* Fix Pocket auto-archiving of finished articles

7/10/2016: v8.8.7
* Faster startup and article loading
* More fixes for extracting text from some web pages
* Other bug fixes and performance improvements

7/2/2016: v8.8.4
* Added Exit function to the menu, the back button just goes back to previously used app. Exit will completely stop the app and its service.
* Fixed: some FB2 files were not read correctly
* Fixed: RTF files incorrectly saved with .doc extension were not read correctly
* Ongoing improvements to extracting relevant text from web articles
* Other important bug fixes and performance improvements

6/2/2016: v8.7.3
* Fix for extracting text from gazeta.pl Polish news site
* Updated Traditional Chinese translations

5/31/2016: v8.7.2
* Restored ability to use network voices, this time a check-box on the voice selector screen, with a warning.
* Resume speech on volume up was starting @Voice reading also when it was not desired, e.g. when upping volume during a phone call. Now it only works if @Voice screen is visible.
* Updated translations

5/28/2016: v8.7.1
* Fix for extracting article texts for many web sites
* Updated to v. 9.0.0 of Google Services library
* Removed option for network speech gen - a lot of trouble!
* Removed swipe off notification when not talking aloud - caused problems on many devices. Use the stop button instead.
* Some changes in PDF text extraction that provided better results in my test cases.
* Restored skip to the next article by long pressing the Next button on a headset, for headsets that support long-press.

5/14/2016: v8.6.8
* Fix for a crash on some devices (not my fault this time, Google AppCompat library was faulty and they issued a fix)
* Fixed the notification and controls on Android Wear smartwatches
* Fix for selecting folders and files in @Voice - the folder hierarchy was not traversed above any folder where the app had no read access.

5/12/2016: v8.6.6
* Fixed media buttons handling (like Play/Pause buttons on Bluetooth or wired headsets)
* If reading aloud is stopped, you may now dismiss @Voice notification by swiping it out.
* Fix for extracting content from NY Times articles.

5/5/2016: v8.6.3
* Added option to manually crop of PDF pages to exclude unwanted text, e.g. page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, sidebars etc. - requires installation of @Voice PDF Crop Plugin component.
* Added option to repeat sentences any number of times, turn on under Settings - Speech settings, or long-press the "Repeat" button at the bottom to get there quick.
* Option to use dark background and controls with any page colors selected.
* Other small enhancements and fixes.

3/18/2016: v8.5.1

* Fix: Gizmodo articles were not loading
* Updated translations

3/16/2016: v8.5
* Bonus feature for paid users: option to continue recording sound to a file through all articles on the Reading List or ebook chapters
* If you absolutely must replace our "ding" sound for the end of article, upload a WAV sound file named ArticleEnd.wav, to the .config (hidden) directory under the main directory of @Voice app (by default: /sdcard/Hyperionics/atVoice)
* Fix: renaming the reading list would not work
* Other small bug fixes

2/17/2016: v8.4
* Open directly MOBI/PRC/AZW/AZW3 files, provided they are free from DRM protection (unencrypted)
* Bug fixes

2/17/2016: v8.3
* New functions under Reading List menu: "Remove finished articles" and "Delete duplicates"
* Improvements in text import from PDFs, where characters are composed from separate components, like basic letter plus diacritic.
* Bug fixes

2/15/2016: v8.2

* For ebooks, implemented repeat current chapter and entire ebook
* Ability to add Speech Synthesis Markup through direct editing or Edit Speech feature - email developer for instructions
* Added support for Slovoed dictionaries
* Correctly displaying Chinese & Japanese vertical text under Android 4.4 and higher (on older versions changes to horizontal orientation). Also has an option to switch from vertical to horizontal mode, if the original document specifies vertical.
* Improved text segmentation into sentences for Chinese and Japanese.
* Updated translations
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

1/30/2016: v 8.1
* Select encoding of the current text, if it comes scrambled (under "Reload or clear" - "Encoding")
* Will now open FB2 ebooks from .zip files (previously only from .fb2 or .fb2.zip)
* Several bug fixes

1/28/2016: v 8.0
* Ebooks now display images and text formatting is close to the original
* Ebook chapters load much faster
* Added support for FB2 ebook format
* Many smaller bug fixes and performance improvements.

1/8/2016: v 7.10.2

* Fixing content sharing issues from MS Word, Adobe PDF Reader etc.
* Other bug fixes and performance improvements

12/28/2015: v 7.9.13
* Several bug fixes

12/8/2015: v 7.9.7
* Another sharing fix - from Google Chrome or Flipboard, if @Voice was not running in the background, one had to press "Share" twice to work.

12/6/2015: v 7.9.6
* Correct issue with sharing articles from the new version of Flipboard.

12/2/2015: v 7.9.5
* Work around for some web pages blocking content with a message about AdBlock, even if AdBlock is not installed on device.
* Fix again crash on Samsung devices with Android 4.2.2
* Fixing issues with adding to list web links redirecting to PDF or other type files.
* Additional options to improve text import from PDF files.
* The options screen for above is displayed each time you open a PDF by default.
* Better text formatting in some special PDF cases.

11/13/2015: v 7.8.3
* Upon several users request, added option to turn off automatic scroll to the currently read sentence (Settings - Screen and sleep timer...)
* More bugs fixes

11/9/2015: v 7.8.1
* Faster horizontal scrolling mode - pinch to zoom out, then scroll quickly through all the pages with swipe gestures or the slider at the bottom. Or quickly swipe pages 3 times to switch to this mode. Tap any page to go back to normal reading.
* Added option to remember permanently the sleep timer setting.
* Bug fixes

10/28/2015: v 7.7.0
* Fixing permissions issue on Android 6
* Prepared to work with our upcoming @Voice Android Auto Plugin - update, the Plugin is not coming soon, we have it ready, but Google says it violates their "Android Auto Apps Policy", which only permits media playing apps (generating sound from text with TTS technology, according to them, is not a media app), or apps that read aloud SMSes...

10/15/2015: v 7.6.10
* More bug fixes, including a crash upon sharing text to @Voice under Android 6.0

10/12/2015: v 7.6.6
* Fix crash when opening some PDF files
* Setting up WiFi lock when using network speech generation, to prevent WiFi from sleeping
* Other rare crashes fixed
* Fix for edits being lost when pressing Back button on Edit Speech screen

9/14/2015: v 7.6
* Performance improvements (web page processing)
* Usability improvements
* Bug fixes

8/14/2015: v.7.5.2
* Options to remember speech rate/pitch for each language or voice.
* Added Fora Dict. to word lookup interface
* Selecting eBook from read list menu opens the text where last left, instead of TOC.
* Fix: ePub from read list menu would not load, if it did not have TOC
* Fix: adding PDF files to reading list through Share lost the original file name (instead names like Article 1 were used)
* Fix PDF removal of headers/footers/page numbers
* Fix to bookmark and current position syncing via Dropbox

v. 7.4 8/1/2015
* Bookmark feature added. Long-press any word to show the "Reference" toolbar, then press the bookmark icon. To go to previously added bookmarks, use "Bookmarks" item on the menu.
* Next/previous buttons in notification and lock screen jump to next/previous article on list, when speech stopped.
* PDF text import code modified to avoid running out of memory on huge PDF files. It's slightly slower than before though.

v. 7.3 7/11/2015
* When saving web pages for reading/listening later, will now save simplified HTML with relevant text already extracted, to load saved files faster.
* Added interface to Dictan dictionaries to the reference toolbar (after a long-press on a word)
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 7.2 6/4/2015
* Added "Share" function to the menu
* Extracted more functions to the toolbar on top, making them available with one click.
* Extracting text from PDFs tries to remove page headers and footers, page numbers, and combine paragraphs across pages
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 7.1 5/15/2015
* New look, more conforming to "Material Design"
* New interactive tutorial offered automatically on the first use
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 7.0 5/1/2015
* New "immersive" full screen mode, hiding also notification bar and soft navigation keys (on Android 4.4 on higher)
* New ebook like reading mode with screen size "pages" and horizontal scrolling. Switch under menu - Page look.
* Sliders for pitch, speed and volume now allow exact digital value selection.
* Many more bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 6.9.1 4/8/2015
* On Android 4.4 and 5 - much faster loading of web pages and ePub chapters
* New, gentler "Day" color theme, old black&white also available
* Fix for duplicating articles when syncing with Pocket
* Fix for not highlighting or not reading some sentences on messy HTML pages
* Updated German translations – thank you, Peter!
* Many more bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 6.8.1 3/6/2015
* Fix: export and import of speech editing files did not work
* Sentences were not split correctly if the source contained &nbsp; character after sentence terminating characters.

v. 6.8.0 3/4/2015
* New feature: press the center of reading area to switch between full screen and normal reading mode. Can be disabled under Settings
* Updated translations
* Several bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 6.7.0 2/27/2015
* Long press word for dictionary/translate/Wikipedia/Web search
* Fix: was not displaying phrases enclosed in <angle brackets>

v. 6.6.13 2/13/2015
* Improved contents extraction from Wall Street Journal articles
* Other small improvements and bug fixes.

v. 6.6.12 2/9/2015
* Fix: was crashing on extracting text from some PDF files.

v. 6.6.11 2/4/2015
* Fix: should no longer stop speech, when non-audio Bluetooth devices (e.g. FitBit) periodically connect and disconnect.

v. 6.6.10 2/2/2015
* Some web pages that previously loaded very slowly, now load much faster.
* Added "Show all files" option to the menu on "Open" and "Save" screens, to view a list of all files in the folder, even if they don't have officially supported extensions.

v. 6.6.9 1/31/2015
* Fix: was sometimes losing position within an ebook chapter, maybe on other contents too.
* Fix: clear contents did not work right and came back with previously opened text.

v. 6.6.8 1/29/2015
* Reverted to older version of Google Services and their appcompat components. The new versions crash our app on some older devices when Google ads are running.
* Even less CPU/battery consumption when Google Ads are running and screen off or @Voice app is in background.
* Fixed bug with Dropbox sync, which caused loss of current position in articles and eBooks. Also continuous sync with Dropbox did not work correctly, removed this option - manual on demand sync only for now.
* Fixed: in PDF files, some method of making words bold resulted in repeated words in @Voice.
* Improved text extraction from several popular web sites and news sources.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 6.6 12/27/2014
* Upon requests from many users, added "Record sound file" function to the menu. Records uncompressed WAV files, or compressed OGG with different quality settings. Currently records one article or one chapter of an ebook at a time.
* Added warning about using the current IVONA voices on Android 5 Lollipop, as they have a bug and don't work on Lollipop.
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 6.5 11/26/2014
* Experimental EPUB format support. It's only for reading aloud, no fancy full featured EPUB reader, e.g. does not show pictures, many more features of a full reader are missing.
* Double-click on a headset pause/resume button will back-up one sentence, but only if your device is not programmed to handle such double-clicks by the system to do something else.
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 6.4.8 11/2/2014
* Added missing textual descriptions to the status bar notification buttons (important for visually impaired users)

v. 6.4.6 10/31/2014

* Fix a rare crash in extracting text from PDF files
* Fix progress bar at the bottom to show correct article title or file name
* "Preserve styles" for web pages should work better, use more of the page defined styles
* Several other small bug fixes.

v. 6.4.5, 2014.10.20
* Fix: repeat current article option did not work, if the article was not on the reading list.
* Revert to older Google build tools, update to API 21 was a disaster.

v. 6.4.4, 2014.10.18

* Changed how STOP button operates by default: if the app was talking, first STOP press just stops speech. Second exits the app.
* Fixing issue of unintended speech start, when paused but @Voice app is still on top, and phone unlocked or similar situation.
* Added Chinese Traditional translation.

v. 6.4.1, 2014.10.08
* Added "pause definitely after each sentence" option to speech settings - useful e.g. if you want to repeat sentences when learning a new language.
* On orientation change to to landscape, the control panel at the bottom is now auto-collapsed - else you can see very little or none text at all.
* A few rare crash fixes.

v. 6.3.3, 2014.10.01
* Fix: share to read at once or add to list would sometimes fail, when shared from Downloads app or some file managers
* Several other rare occurring bug fixes.

v. 6.3.2, 2014.09.23
* Small fix: using "Add to list" share icon will not affect the article last opened in the app.
* A correction to PDF text extraction code - trying to fix a rare crash on some PDF files. If you have a PDF file that crashes @Voice app, please email me that file, so that I could fix it for sure.

v. 6.3.1, 2014.09.20

* Headset buttons: next/previous will go to next/previous list article, if speech is paused. Otherwise as before, go to next/previous sentence.
* Long press on next/previous navigation buttons at the bottom goes to next/previous article from the list.
* Updated Bulgarian, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish translations.

v. 6.3.0, 2014.09.17
* Options to start reading in the background after using "Share" icons.
* Reading list screen changed to dark background, to avoid blinding users who use "night theme" in the dark.
* Many smaller bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 6.2.5, 2014.09.11
* Corrections to the handling of "start reading in background" option.

v. 6.2.3, 2014.09.09
* Added some "language replacement" code, for situations when e.g. "Norwegian Bokmål" language is recognized in an article, but installed voice says it's just "Norwegian", without specifying anything else. Now the program knows to use "Norwegian" generic, if Bokmål variant is not avilable. These replacements can be also specified with an external config file if other such needs emerge in the future.

v. 6.2.2, 2014.09.06
* Added option to start reading aloud in the background after using Share - @Voice Add to List in another app.

v. 6.2, 2014.08.27
* Improved "Page look" function on the menu - shows preview of a page, and allows changing font size.
* Added code to prevent the reading place loss if program or the device crashes.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 6.1, 2014.08.12
* Added "Repeat" button to the bottom row. Toggles between no repeat, repeat current article and repeat the whole reading list.
* Advanced Pocket sync option on the Reading List screen menu - sync with Pocket selecting articles by tags, favorited status etc.
* Added Devanagari Danda character to sentence delimiters.

v. 6.0, 2014.07.23
*  Now extracts and reads aloud text from Word documents (doc, docx, rtf) and OpenOffice (odt)
* Better essential text extraction from HTML pages. Minimally slower than the old method, but more accurate. The old method is still available as option.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 5.5, 2014.07.12
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

v. 5.4, 2014.06.25

* Speech editor now permits changing the order or entries, with the arrow keys on top of screen
* Speech editor - added export and import of speech files.
* Text search widget now remembers the previous search text
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 5.3, 2014.06.23
* Added option to let background music play when reading aloud (Settings - Speech Settings screen)
* Added option to continue reading aloud instead of stopping and exiting, when back button pressed.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 5.2.0, 2014.06.12
* Edit text function added to the menu. Lets you edit the current paragraph, use "Clear text" first if you want to type a completely new text.
* Improved text extraction for articles shared from News360 app
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 5.1.4, 2014.05.27
* Several important bug fixes and performance improvements.

v. 5.1.3, 2014.05.15
* Fix: sharing articles from CNN app, and maybe a few more apps, did not work correctly

v. 5.1.2, 2014.05.02
* Fix: folder selection did not work

v. 5.1.1, 2014.05.01
* Split "Speech and screen settings" into two separate panels
* Added new option to disable the gong sound between articles (under Speech settings)
* Small bug fixes

v. 5.1.0, 2014.04.28

* Status bar added at the bottom of the article area. Can be turned off under Settings, or by long press on the bar. Shows title, progress, and sleep timer, if enabled.
* New option in "Speech and screen settings" to "Keep screen on when reading"
* Fix: if continues Dropbox sync was enabled, could skip or repeat articles from the reading list.

v 5.0.0, 2014.04.16
* Easily add saved Pocket articles to @Voice reading list - in Read List screen, press Menu - Add articles from Pocket
* Fix - some web addresses were giving us "403 Forbidden" error.
* When exploring by touch, adding % of article complete next to article titles on the lists, so that the percentage completed is read aloud.
* Several small bug fixes and performance improvements.

v 4.8.4, 2014.04.04
* Fix: would not load correctly some HTML pages
* Fix: would stop speaking on very long sentences (about 5000 characters or more)

v 4.8.3, 2014.03.29

* Fixing crash when changing voices with some TTS engines (e.g. Mandarin by iflytek)

v 4.8.1, 2014.03.25
Faster voice switching
Small error corrections.

v. 4.7.4, 2014-03-17
* Performance improvements and bug fixes

v. 4.7.3, 2014-03-15
* New on Read List menu: "Delete articles not on lists."

v. 4.7.1, 2014-03-14
* New "Page Look" options on the menu - Day and Night themes, keep original page colors or set custom color.
* New option under "Page Look" menu - Preserve styles, e.g. font shape & sizes etc.
* Correctly shows tables
* Reload from browser option will now save selected options and saved passwords for a give web site.
* More custom filters for specific sites (Orthobullets.com Orthopaedic Review site, Hacker News), more custom filters in the future.

v. 4.6.0, 2014-03-04
* Fixing a problem with opening attachments from Gmail or similar situations
* Fixing an occasional crash when trying to open a PDF file.

v. 4.4.3, 2014-01-28
* Now will open or add to list also PDF files from http links, and better format TXT files from such links.
* Fixes for Share - Add to list sometimes not working as expected.

v. 4.4.2
* Using Share/Add to @Voice List will no longer interrupt reading of current article
* Fixed highlight and voice getting out of sync sometimes

v. 4.4.1, 2014-01-28
* Using Share/Add to @Voice List will no longer interrupt reading of current article
* Fixed highlight and voice getting out of sync sometimes

v. 4.4.0, 2014-01-24
* New settings, under "Text, Icons and Reading List" section: "For plane text, separate lines by default" and "For HTML, load full content by default".
* The same settings can be switched for individual articles or files under menu - "Reload or clear...". Change the options there if you don't like the way a plane text or HTML article is displayed.
* Bluetooth device feature is now optional, which will make the app available to about 500 more devices on Google Play.

v. 4.3.1, 2014-01-16
* It is now possible to reload an article from a web browser, for entering passwords etc. See menu - "Reload or clear" - "Load from browser"
* Fix crash on Android 2.x when pasting text.

v. 4.2.0, 2014-01-14
* Option to treat new-line characters as new paragraphs, when pasting text
* Fix for an occasional trouble when switching TTS voices

v. 4.1.7
* Fix: sentence highlighting would stop if screen turned off, then on again while the program is talking.

v. 4.1.6 Fixes:
* Small change to let FBReader TTS+ Plugin to use speech replacement created in @Voice, or import them from TTS+ to @Voice (under Settings menu)

Version 4.1 - 2013.12.23

* Swipe gesters to show-hide control panel at the bottom, reading list etc.
* Multiple reading lists

Version 4.0 - 2013-11.12

* Added "Edit speech" feature under Settings menu, to change pronunciation of some words, delete unwanted fragments of sentences (using RegEx) and more.
* Added "Clear contents" function to the menu, to clear the current text from @Voice screen.
* If HTML page declares text encoding different from auto-detected, we let you switch between the two from the menu, to display text correctly.
* Made the APK file to download smaller.
* Many smaller new features, improvements and bug fixes. 

Version 3.4.0 - 2013-10.18

* Added "fast scroll" feature - a blue circular button on right, that appears if you touch screen and move it up or down, then fades out if not needed. Touch and slide up/down to scroll fast to any part of the document.
* Fixed issue with PDF files sometimes losing position (bookmark)
* PDF files can be now added to reading list.
* Fixed issue with Dropbox leaving incomplete (damaged) files if connection was broken while downloading.

Version 3.3.2 - 2013-10.12

* Showing progress bars under article titles in the Reading List, to show how much was read.
* Fixing bug in extracting text from big PDF files
* Layout improvement for high resolution screens
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.2.3 - 2013.09.28

* Improved search interface, e.g. ending search with "Play" button starts playing from the currently found place.
* Better - sharper and flat - buttons in the bottom row

Version 3.2.1 - 2013.09.26

* Added Search function to the top bar of @Voice
* On Android 2.x implemented the same "Action Bar" and menu as on Android 4.x
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.1.0 - 2013.09.24

* Sending PDF files from Adobe Reader through "Share" function to @Voice now works.
* Pressing "Next" sentence when at the end, or "Previous" when at start, now loads a next or previous article from the list, or provides spoken feedback.

Version 3.0.7 - 2013.09.17

* Fixed a mixup of Russian texts appearing in Bulgarian translation
* Fixed a possible "null pointer" crash

Version 3.0.6 - 2013.09.16

* Fixed opening password-protected PDF files from Dropbox app, file explorers etc.
* Better multitasking, sometimes was blocking on article loading.

Version 3.0.3 - 2013.09.11

*  Fixed: could not open files from Dropbox app.

Version 3.0.2 - 2013.09.10

* Made possible opening PDF files by a press in Android "Download" area and similar situations.
* Several bug fixes.

Version 3.0.0 - 2013.09.05

* Now extracts text from PDF files for reading aloud or on screen. Select "Open" from menu and navigate to folder with any PDF files.
* Stability and speed improvements. Version - 2013.08.21

Version 2.8.9 - 2013.08.10

* Work-around for a serious bug that Google introduced in Android 4.3,  see more at http://goo.gl/JKfIqv

Version 2.8 - 2013.08.01

* Much faster article loading due to use of native code
* Better character encoding recognition for web pages that don't declare encoding correctly.
* Many smaller performance improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.7 - 2013.07.01

* Loads very long text files in segments to avoid running out of memory
* Fixes for some encoding errors
* Long press now also highlights the sentence to start speed from that point, in addition to starting text selection. This makes possible selecting a sentence to start reading from when TalkBack is enabled.
* Performance improvements, including armeabi-v7a native code
* Several bug fixes

Version 2.6.1 - 2013.06.21

* Correcting problem with listing all voices (countries and speaker names were not displayed)
* Added character encoding recognition when loading text files. Should now display correct characters even if text is not in UTF-8 format.

Version 2.5.0 - 2013.06.12

* Added "night" reading mode to the menu
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Version 2.3.8 - 2013.05.28

* Several bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.3.4 - 2013.05.23

* For Android 4 (ICS) and higher, added a better lookup of TTS engines, languages and voices.
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.2.3 - 2013

* Added option to read aloud at once text copied to clipboard
* Redesigned Settings for more streamlined use
* Added notification to Android notification bar, with the title of currently played article. On Android v.3 and higher it also has progress bar, buttons to start/stop, skip sentences and turn on/off the option to speak clipboard aloud.
* Asking how to handle Stop button on its first use

Version 2.1.0 - 2013.04.27

* Dropbox login was broken if new Dropbox app installed. This release fixes the problem.

Version 2.0.9 - 201.04.22

* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 2.0.7 - 2013.03.29

* More crashes and no-reponses fixed. Thank you for sending the bug reports!

Version 2.0.5 - 2013.03.27

* Several bug fixes again.

Version 2.0.3 - 2013.03.24

* Fixed crash when pressing Help button on some devices
* Fixed English pronunciation of words ending with ST and a dot.
* Paste button or menu item now appears even if you copy text as short as 1 character.
* Auto-start speech when headset connection option now also works when Bluetooth headset is connected.
* Fixed an issue with reader not always remembering the text position after return form another screen
* Fixed occasional crash in Dropbox sync

Version 2.0.1 - 2013.03.21

* Zoom controls added to enlarge text as needed. Can be disabled under Settings.
* Now remembers the scroll position for each article
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.9.1 - 2013.03.12

* Bookmarks improved - now remembers exact position for all saved articles read, plus remembers how to load the contents (all or "essential")

Version 1.9.0 - 2013.03.11

* Auto-bookmarks the last read article, and restores it and the last read sentence when the app is stopped and re-started later. This also synchronizes through Dropbox, if you use this feature.

Version 1.8.8 - 2013.03.10

* Corrected a problem with ads sometimes showing even after buying and installing the "@Voice No Ads Upgrade". Sorry about that!

Version 1.8.7 - 2013.03.09

* Fixed another crash

Version 1.8.6 - 2013.03.02

* Fixed a rare crash on Android v.3 and higher 

Version 1.8.5 - 2013.02.25

* Added French translation

Version 1.8.4 - 2013.02.20

* Added German translation

Version 1.8.3 - 2013.02.18

* Bug fixes and performance improvements
* Added Russian translation

Version 1.8.1 - 2013.02.10

* Small bug fixes.

Version 1.8.0 - 2013.02.06

* Option to move @Voice folder to another location, e.g. external SD card, if needed.
* Dropbox sync now has option to be on demand (when you click the menu to sync only) or continuous.
* Option to not exit the app when the on-screen STOP button is pressed, just stop speech and reset position to the top of article.

Version 1.7.1 - 2013.01.31

* Faster start with slow data connection
* Auto-add to list articles added to our folder from outside @Voice app, e.g. saved to Dropbox from desktop browser
* Added Polish translation

Version 1.7.0 - 2013.01.30

* Dropbox sync! Enable, then build your list on one device, e.g. a tablet, then listen on your phone. Or from your computer, use File/Save As - "HTML only" function in the browser, save to @Voice Dropbox folder, then listen on your phone.

* Several bug fixes, including a crash on some long articles from RADIO SVOBODA.

Version 1.6.5 - 2013.01.15

* Improved contents extraction from Twitter tweets.

Version 1.6.4 - 2013.01.12

* Updated video tutorials in Help

Version 1.6.2 - 2013.01.09

* Modified to prevent speech stopping on empty paragraphs with some speech engines (e.g. Loquendo)

Version 1.6.2 - 2013.01.09

* Android package name changed to com.hyperionics.avar - will uninstall the older version upon first run, but preserve any saved articles and reading lists. 
* Performance improvements and bug fixes
* Ready for an optional purchase of No Ads Upgrade from Google Play Store

Version 1.5.1 - 2012.12.18

* Corrected issue with voice change when starting to read the next article from list.

Version 1.5.0 - 2012.12.17

* Better contents extraction, loads the main article only and omits navigation etc. from Web pages.
* Optional menu to load the full contents of page, if necessary.
* Optional "share" icon to just add an article to list. Choose icons to show in Settings.
* Added move and delete selected files buttons to reading list "add files" panel.
* Swipe left/right to load next/prev article from list.
* Billing permission added for future premium/no-ads edition.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.4.0 - 2012.12.10

Version 1.3.0 - 2012.12.07

Version 1.2.0 - 2012.12.01

Version 1.0.1 - 2012.11.27

Version 0.2.8 BETA - 2012.11.22

Version 0.2.7 BETA - 2012.11.21

Version 0.2.6 BETA - 2012.11.20

Version 0.2.5 BETA - 2012.11.16

Version 0.2.4 BETA - 2012.11.15

Version 0.2.3 BETA - 2012.11.14

Version 0.2.2 BETA - 2012.11.13

Version 0.2.1 BETA - 2012.11.12

Version 0.1.3 BETA

Version 0.1.2 BETA

Version 0.1.1 BETA

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