@Voice Aloud Reader and @Voice Plugins
Privacy Policy

We respect our users' privacy. We do not collect any personal information at all.

@Voice Aloud Reader app, when used without our Premium License, shows ads provided by Google, Amazon and their business partners. For this purpose @Voice uses software components provided by Google and Amazon, and they may collect and store some information about the users. You may view their privacy policies and change the ad personalizations settings, afer you press the small blue triangle that is shown at the corner of each ad. After you press it (requires great precision, it's very small) it unfolds into "AdChoices" link. Press it again and it opens in a web browser, taking you to the advertiser's page with the policy and ad personalization options. I - the author of @Voice Aloud Reader app and its plugins - do not have any access to the data that Google or Amazon collect or process.

Both @Voice Aloud Reader and @Voice Sync Plugin use Google's error and crash reporting services, which transfer technical information, if a crash happens, to Google servers (Google Play developer console and Google's Crashlytics), where the developers may examine it in order to fix errors. This technical information specifies the type of the device on which the problem happened, the exact timing of the error, which language is set as the default language on the device, and technical data like the place in the app code, where the crash or error happened. There is no personal information there, not even the country in which the user resides.

@Voice Sync Plugin only does have the permissions to access the user identity and contact information. It is necessary for the "Sync with Google Drive" and "Sync reading progress" functions through the user's Google Drive, and not used for any other purpose. It is an optional plugin that you may install or not, depening on your needs. The main @Voice app and other plugins don't have these sensitive permissions. @Voice Sync Plugin does not transmit any user data to anyone else - not to Hyperionics and not to any 3rd party companies. If you enable progress synchronization between devices in the main @Voice Aloud Reader app, the plugin will upload reading progress and bookmarks data ONLY to the user's private space on Google Drive. You may examine this data yourself in your Google Drive - @Voice folder and its .sync sub-folder.

Other @Voice plugins do not collect any personal information at all and do not show ads.

@Voice Chrome Extension and @Voice Firefox Extension apps require user identity and login to your Google Drive. The only thing they do is upload URL links for the pages you want to share to @Voice app on Android. They do not read or modify any other data or files in your Google Drive account.

We do not look into any other contents, beyond @Voice folder, on your Google Drive at all, and we absolutely do not collect any of your private data. We do not share any of your data with anyone either - since we don't collect it at all, we have nothing to share in the first place.

You may view the atVoice Sync Plugin OAuth Consent screen on Google Cloud Platform

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